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Master Builders employs apprentices and places them with building and construction employers for training in a range of different trades and fields of expertise. A training employer can select one of our candidates or present their own to be inducted into the Master Builders Apprenticeship service.

Need An Apprentice?  

At Master Builders, we can supply you with an apprentice who is coached, trained and ready to go.

Benefits of using our service

Call our our team and let us know what your apprentice requirements are.

We have a list of capable and qualified apprentices who we can match to you and your business needs.

We make sure that your apprentices will come to you coached, trained and ready to go.  

We will provide you the highest quality apprentices available.

Business' change and will sometimes have unexpected gaps in your skills set.

Don't worry, we can help fill those gaps with available apprentices to cover work quickly.

“The overall service from the MBA Apprenticeship services is second to none. There’s no need to go through the drama of finding apprentices myself and all the continual red tape and paperwork that goes with keeping them employed when I could be out quoting. I approve one timesheet per week.

 Having the additional support of the MBA safety coordinator when I use MBA apprenticeship services, helps implement better safety procedures on my sites. This has proven to be a major benefit to both me, the apprentices and all of my other workers” 

Mick Johns 

MJC (Mick Johns Constructions)

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